Vararam VR6 King Cobra GMC/Chevy Truck Ram Air Kit


Ram Air System for: 1996-2006 GM V8 Trucks/SUVs

The VR-6 uses a ram air effect from the upper plenum chamber to accelerate air past the secondary bottom venturi. This decreases the time to peak velocity by 10%. This gives the system the same velocity at 10 mph that a ram air system generates at 80 mph, which helps to increase low end acceleration for your truck or SUV.

The VR-6 features…….
Cobra box uses multiple venturi system to accelerate air flow in a true cold air system
Designed to produce up 30 HP and up 30+ FTLBS of torque** throughout the RPM range
Flows up to 1278 CFM
Increases throttle response
Increases gas mileage 1-3 MPG
Increases acceleration
No cutting or drilling
Comes Standard with VR RED FILTERS
** (as tested on GEN III 6.0 liter)

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