Clean-Side Separator


This newly re-designed unit now features a threaded billet cap which disassembles for cleaning and maintenance. The features you need with the quality you have come to expect from RX Speed Works.

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Product Description

Our clean side separator is a great addition to any oil separating system, it alleviates air flow restriction and helps eliminate oil ingestion. Many of the new engine designs have vent lines running from the valve covers to the intake air bridge or intake assembly running from the air filter. The ventilation is good but when the engine relieves crank case pressure it feeds oil through these lines to the intake and you don’t want that. The clean side separator replaces your oil fill cap and allows air to move in and out of the engine while preventing oil vapor from making it’s way to the intake. Our cleans side separator utilizes a dual filtration system one is a fiberglass media and the other a heavy gauge stainless mesh. The oil vapor attaches to the filters and drips back down into the crank case at it inhales.

We’ll forgive you for using an inferior oil catch can from one of our competitors if you buy our clean side separator to improve it’s efficiency!

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