Blue Max Series II Voltage / Water Temp Combo Gauge Kit


Displays Voltage on the analog and displays Water Temp on the digital display. The button selects between Fahrenheit or Celsius on the digital display.

The temperature range in the digital window goes from 0 to 1850 deg Fahrenheit or 0-1023 Celsius.

Includes power cable, pressure sensor cable, thermocoupler and compression fitting.

Select Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or White options.

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Product Description



Additional Information

Gauge Color

Blue (Most Popular), Green, Red, White, Yellow

Gauge Thermocoupler Length

6' (For left side driver only), 9' (Add $4.00)

Optional Gauge Mounts

3 Mount A-Pillar Cup (For Mounting Gauge ) Add $29.95, 5 Mount Universal Cup (For Mounting Gauge ) Add $29.95, Standard Mount


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